Sunday, 1 March 2020

Being happy by creating positive outcomes

My thought of the week and yes I suppose I could add this to my other post Building Self Confidence-The Ugly Duckling, but I wanted to add this thought for the week because this year it has been tough so far and needed to share my thoughts on Being happy and what it is all about for me.

Getting to grips with changes has been difficult and any change that happens I find it hard to adjust, but you have to keep going and do what you believe in, of course not involving people getting hurt, but for the right reasons.

I love life coaching through my posts because even though I suffer with mental health problems, there are days when I am happy and through having psychological help too, has helped me to help you.

Being happy is the key to happiness, and it whatever uplifts you can gives you that energy and buzz.

Everyone no matter who they are wants to be happy, it is in our nature, but life as it is can be a struggle, so if you are battling with mental health and find it hard to be happy, then:

  1. Find something new in your life. We can all do with change and variety is what us humans live on as it can be boring doing the same thing everyday
  2. Practice gratitude, go through what you are grateful for, if you run it could be your legs, if you are doctor it is the ability of saving someones life and looking after people. It can be absolutely anything.
  3. Be brutal with your inner critic and shut it down. Say "No I am going to do this today"
  4. Create a daily habit of listening or reading something that empowers you, and gives you that boost of energy
  5. Make everyday count by planning ahead the night before, because when we leave things to the last minute and stress out this can lead us to being unhappy
  6. Be more productive and create one change a day. I love a daily ritual of taking a shower, washing my hair, creating my daily goals and creating positivity within my day. Even cleaning an area a day can still be a ritual
  7. Be unstoppable by having choice free days so you can spend more time with friends and the people that make you happy 
  8. Be true. If you aren't in the mood don't go but do what you want for a change. We can get so caught up in making other people happy, that we forget about ourselves and it isn't being in selfish, we need to make ourselves happy too, to continue to make those happy around us
  9. Stop scrutinization and self sabotage. Check out my EBook about this various subject which I have linked on my website Everyone Can Build a Castle.
  10. Create a new pattern. Life to me when happy is like a work of art, because it is all about creating meaning in your day. A purpose, a reason and with that comes a new pattern to a better wellbeing and positive outcome to your day.

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Let me know what thoughts and advice you'd give this week about happiness by commenting below.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

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