Friday, 20 March 2020

Celebrating Mums in our lives/Here's to motherhood

 The Parenting Adventures- Baby to Toddler years

It is Mothers Day on Sunday in the UK and I wanted to share my thoughts and advise on being a mum myself.

Being a mum is tricky there are no real instructions and I will hold my hands up "I don't always get it right" but I try and I do my utmost best to bring up and nurture my son as much as possible, and I struggle on some days, but when my son runs up from being at school pleased to see me, it makes it all worth while.

My mum is my mentor and my confident, and I would be lost without my mum. I know there are those that haven't been so lucky and my heart goes out to them, as when you have that love from your mum there is nothing else like it.

The two people I miss in my life is my dads mum and my mums mum. I loved having nan's and when they died they were like two massive chunks of my life gone and knew when my nanny Florrie died that things would change forever as she was the centre point for everyone at one point, and kept the family together.

Us ladies are special it is amazing what our bodies can do, carry another human being inside and keep them protected, and when your child comes into the world you can miss them sitting in your stomach and growing.
You can feel overwhelmed once they are born, as suddenly you have to take responsibility for this little person and it can be a massive culture shock, but rewarding at the same time.

I would not replace my life now, and my son has taught me about life not the other way around. Seeing the world in his eyes and opened a whole new meaning to life as the world is vulnerable, and life is precious no matter what.

So lets raise our glasses and say Here's To Motherhood.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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