Saturday, 11 April 2020

Happy Easter

Easter Egg Hunt Clipart


It is time for us to have plenty of chocolate and look forward to an Easter Egg, but do we all know what Easter is really about?

Let me tell you, it is about how Jesus was Crucified on a cross because people betrayed him and didn't believe in him, and I think a lot of us can identify with this.

That's why I tell stories in books to get to people to understand that you can use life experiences as an advantage. The birth and the death of Jesus Christ is one of the most famous stories in the world and ones that should be remembered.

There are so many people at the moment who work for the NHS who are doing wonders to save people from the Coronovirus at the moment that it is a strange kind of Easter but doesn't mean we can't still watch the story on TV and spend time having some family time. You can still do an Easter Egg hunt around the home and have a meal together, plus along as not too many of you, go for a long walk.

Why not have a picnic in the garden with some friends and have a champagne lunch or dinner.

So still enjoy Easter the best you can have fabulous weekend!

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