Friday, 12 June 2020

What I have been able to do during Lockdown

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Hello and welcome to another Newsletter blog, sharing my thoughts and advice for the week. 

Lockdown is still going for some and others are slowly moving into some sort of normality. I will admit I am getting a little frustrated over it all, and bored of it now.

I know we still have to stay safe and healthy but I just feel like I want to be able to have a meal in McDonalds or order a Chinese takeaway. It is amazing how you miss the little things in life.

The one thing that I have found I have been able to do, is save money and only pick up bits and bobs I really needed.

The other thing I have been able to do is spend time clearing out my emails. I can end up having thousand of emails no lie, and makes me want to avoid looking in my inbox, but having some time out I have been able to search through my emails and go through any emails I no longer need.

I have also been able to catch up on TV and Youtube like I am now whilst I write this blog. I have to have some sort of noise when I write my blogs as I find I get more inspiration that way.

This weekend I am going to take advantage to do some exercise again and see if I can get back to my workout routine.

Let me know what you are planning this weekend by leaving a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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