Friday, 26 June 2020

When the days aren't so good

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This was so not the blog I wanted to write today, but I feel I must. 

There are those days where everything goes smoothly without a glitch and days like today that I'd like to forget.

Today hasn't gone well, to begin with my son decided he would not do as he is told stressing my mum out and then we end up arguing, so we all had the hump at the start of the day, and then picking him up from school, was told that he was hurting other children to the point they were scared of him.

He kicks off because as punishment he couldn't have his tablet or dart board, but then apologises but still kicks off so decided to take him for a walk for some fresh air, if you can call it that with the heat wave we had today, and then I ordered the wrong drink in Cafe Nero, but drank it anyway so it wasn't a waste of money, and just now whilst watching Not Going Out I get a tummy upset after eating an ice cream.

Happy days! NOT!

What would life be like without bad ones, who knows but so glad that, and I hope I am not jinxing this as I say it, finally got Henry to get to bed and go to sleep after second attempt, and now feel like sh*t because of that poxy ice cream.

It was one of those days that even though I had new clothes on I felt overweight and fat, so now I am determined to go for more walks and do more fitness training, I can't seem to get my Mojo or energy to run at the moment, so walking it is, to lose those pounds put on because of the bloody Lockdown, and yes I want to blame lockdown as face it most things are my fault, so nice to blame something else other than myself.

You just have to take some days as they come without planning too much, and as much as I tried to be productive today, like I wrote in my Building Confidence post today,

I didn't end up making my bed, instead I got back in it as I just couldn't get any energy this morning after the battle I had this morning to do any writing, so took a nap instead.

However it is the weekend so Henry will be looked after by his father to hopefully give myself a break and be able to have some me time once again.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring but I just hope it is better than today.

I hope you all have a good weekend too and remember to stay safe.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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