Sunday, 7 June 2020

Why I love a double act

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This week after watching Car Share on BBC 1 I was inspired to write this blog about the famous double act, and why I love them so much.

My favourite double acts were Cannon and Ball and Little and Large, who were massive in the 80's. Sadly Eddie Large died this year, and will be sadly missed, but his partner in crime is still going strong Sid Little along with Cannon and Ball.

Eddie Large and Sid little did a lot of impressions and took the mickey out of famous pop groups like New Kids on the Block.

If you are a fan of Lee Mack's show Not Going Out then you'd know that Bobby Ball plays Lee's Dad in it.

Cannon and Ball did I'm a Celebrity get me out of here, aswell as the Coach trip and most recently performed out in Las Vegas, is the TV programme The Last Laugh in Vegas.

Sid Little and Tommy Cannon have both been contestants in Celebrity Masterchef, and if you have seen the Not Going Out Finale where Lee and Lucy get married, Tommy Cannon played the vicar.

I have loved double acts since I was a kid and would watch endless films with Laurel and Hardy and Abbot and Costello. They are special and the most recent act is of course is Ant and Dec, who have been partners since they were kids and both starred in Biker Grove.

To be a good double act you have to be able to talk through the audience instead of at them and bounce off each other, not literally but in terms of getting the audience involved.

I loved Cannon and Ball because it was so funny seeing Tommy bully bobby and my favourite sketch of there's is when they took the mickey out of West Side Story.

I used to love Christmas time when they had their Christmas show and no one was allowed to murmur otherwise they'd get a dirty look but they were allowed to laugh. I loved the opening titles of Cannon and Ball with the two stars and their theme tune I still love to play today.

Their theme tune just hits me right in the heart and back again, and is memorable that I would get so excited and still now whenever I hear it, and there is an episode of Car Share where they talk about them, and even that made me beam.

I even had the pleasure of going to see them in 1986 in the Pantomime Babes In The Woods at the London Palladium. I thought we had gone in without a ticket and hadn't realised we had actually got tickets, it was only ten years later that I realised it was a surprise and part of my Christmas present that year.

Now they perform in many places now, and still doing their act in front of live audiences, and I still watch their film Boys In Blue, which has a brilliant theme tune to that aswell.

Laurel and Hardy were always getting themselves in trouble, and I good double act will have a catchy tune and often a catch phrase too "That is a fine mess you got me in" Oliver Hardy would bellow Stan Laurel, but they were so lovable that there legacy along with Burt and Ernie and Morecombe and Wise still lives on today. 

So who is your favourite double act I would love to hear from you, you can leave a comment below.

Please stay safe and many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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