Friday, 24 July 2020

How to protect yourself this summer

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Hello and welcome to another Newsletter Weekly blog, where I share my thoughts and advice for the week. 

Here are some thoughts and advice of how to protect yourself this summer:

  • If you are visiting some cities in the UK or abroad then keep your belongings safe as now they can pick up your bank card details via special scanner and so keep these tucked in tightly in a bag, and avoid putting items in side or back pockets, because there are pickpockets working around cities 
  • As of today it is compulsory in the UK that you must where a face mask when going in and out of shops
  • Carry sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and tissues with you, if you are going to use public toilets and touch handrails as they are full of germs
  • Carry suncream wherever you go, as even when it is breezy you can still get burnt by the sun as it can be deceiving
  • Hack, if going away and you have dirty clothes than take a pillowcase with you to use to store your dirty clothes in and then wash these altogether once you have enough for a load and wash above 40 degrees as this helps to kill germs in clothes
  • Take a first aid kid with you, as kids are prone to accidents and this just helps just in case you need a plaster
  • Don't allow children to drink the water in their baths, showers or swimming pools as the chlorine can cause a child to be sick, plus there are a load of germs in a swimming pool
  • Never leave a kid unattended in a boiling hot car or a pet, as they can easily get too hot and cause serious harm
We all have to play our part in staying safe, and so take responsibility and any litter put into a bag and dispose of once you come across a bin. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

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