Friday, 17 July 2020

How you can still save money aswell as have a good time during the summer holidays

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In today's post I am talking about how you can still save money aswell as have a good time during the school holidays and still have fun.

So many places will be reopening if they haven't just yet, and as long as you are wearing a face mask when required, then most places you should be okay to go in. The first place I am taking Henry as he spends the weekends with his dad, is Battersea Park.

This park is one of our favourites as there are various playgrounds with swings, climbing frames and slides, you can do the Go Ape adventure park but to do that you do have to pay, along with the kids zoo, however there are plenty of areas to play ball games on or you can sit or walk along the river.

We will also be doing some learning activities on the Oak School, which is an online educational programme where they can do various learning activities at home, and is completely free to use.

Of course we will be doing more outdoors too, but I want to help with Henry's learning ready for when he starts in year 2.

Most buses and train stations accept debit or credit card contactless payment to gain entry and to ride on, and bus is a lot cheaper than the train.

I will be having some days indoors too and do some crafting, drawing and writing, I will be putting a scrapbook together to show pictures and details of what we did in the holidays so he can show this to his teacher and friends when he returns to school.

Then there is swimming and one of the activities on his summer homework sheet is swimming and so I will be taking note of his homework for the summer so we can do as many activities the school has listed on his homework sheet, as possible.

So let me know what you are doing during the summer holidays. You can leave a comment below.

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