Friday, 13 November 2020

Total Lockdown confusion

Hello and welcome to a new Newsletter blog that I like to post at the end of each week. This blog talking about Total Lockdown confusion:

  1. Are we in Lockdown or not?
  2. Do I want another Lockdown?
  3. Is this going to become the norm now?

Let me answer the first question. I am not sure if there is a lockdown because, not that I want the shops to shut, but everything appears to still be open, and people are still wearing masks and buses are still putting tape across some of the seats, yet they want everyone on the bus to be seated, and so I am not sure where it is at this Lockdown. 

I do not want another Lockdown, no! I like being able to travel around on buses, the tube and overground trains without any bother. I want to be able to queue without worrying about being close to someone, but to be honest I never get overly close to someone in the queue in front of me anyway and have always kept my distance. 

I have a worrying feeling that this is going to become the norm and more of this is going to happen, over the Festive Period and beyond. 

It makes me wonder if they are doing this Lockdown to avoid having to deal with Brexit which should have been dealt over what, 3 year ago now is it? This is why I would like to go into the houses of parliament do what I want an MP to do is tell a dirty joke:

    Why was Boris Johnson's wife screaming one night, because he took of his mask and his real personality came alight, and he knows how to pull a decent bird, even though he is creating a one way system in London, which is going to cause so much congestion that he wanted to avoid causing us all to scream "What on earth are you doing?"!

Is Boris going to allow the Queen to do her usual Christmas speech?

Who knows but I bet he'll tell her off, for not wearing a mask when doing so, even though it will be done in her own home. 

And don't worry Boris she will apply to the social distancing, doing the speech in one of her many homes. You may not ever be invited to Sandringham or Windsor, you've not earned that status yet, and her homes are big for a reason. 

Don't worry your majesty we could all put Boris in the dungeons in the Tower Of London, haven't done so in about 100 years, but there can always be the first one in the 20th Century, and no we won't cut off your head Boris, because that would just get messy.

So lets see what this lockdown will bring and see next week for another Newsletter blog and have a great weekend ahead. 

Oh and Boris, please, please no pick pocketing, remember social distancing applies to you too. 

I know "It's all in the name of politics".

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X

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